Jaque al Impostor (Spanish Edition)


The mantra «I want to make a shift in my life, I want to find my purpose, do something I feel passionate about. But I don't know what or how…» prevails as one of the most repeated of our time. From fresh graduates to adults cruising their fifth decade, from every imaginable walks of life, thousands of people are going through a crisis of meaning that urges them to slow down and reassess their lives.

The dilemma, actually, stems from the way you address this reasonable concern. Because to reach your goals and (re)launch your career you don't need more smarts, more resources, or getting lucky. What you need is to defeat the imposter, that inner enemy that drags us into an infinite dichotomy between the calmest moments and the most dangerous storms of our lives.

Jaque al impostor summarizes a decade of work through which the author has helped his clients reach their goals and transform their careers. Packed with endless stories, interviews, and anecdotes, its pages distill the most effective insights and tips so that you find your next career step and dare to take the leap.