About Us

We started out in 2011 in Buenos Aires as a family-owned human resources consulting firm founded by Rodolfo and Ignacio Nabhen. Back then, we geared our services towards providing training and recruiting services to the corporate market.
From the very beginning, we have served leading local and multinational organizations.
These are some clients who have already put their trust in us:

Latin America

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United States

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In time, we reoriented our offer by streamlining our training services and putting coaching at the heart of our professional practice.
That shift, along with the exponential growth of digitalization, enabled us to go global and, since then, we have catered to professionals and teams across Latin America, the United States, and Europe.
It inspires us to see our clients reach their goals and take pride in their accomplishments. And we know of only one way to help them do that: by fostering highly confidential and respectful environments where they can explore new courses of action for their current challenges.

Our values


We align what we believe in with what we say and what we do.


We foster warm and trustworthy environments of co-work.


We tackle complexity in a simple, straightforward way.


We help you link your newly-found insights to your everyday challenges.

On this website, we share resources and tools for individuals and teams who want to achieve their boldest goals, one step at a time.

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