Through coaching processes, we help executives and entrepreneurs boost their impact and effectiveness at any stage of their careers.

Develop your ability to prioritize, manage challenges, thrive in uncertain scenarios, take responsibility for your decisions, improve your communication, and design action plans so that you can sustainably deliver extraordinary results.

Engaging in a coaching process means kickstarting your most important projects. How awesome is that?

Meet Ignacio

Hi, it's Ignacio. In 2011, I left my well-paid corporate job to found Nabhen along with my father. We aimed at contributing to our clients from a practical and human approach that would allow them to expand their professional horizons and their personal well-being. A bold goal, worth taking the leap.

However, along a road that did not lack its fair share of setbacks, we were challenged to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship, an arena alien to both of us back then. So to change the game and thrive, we had to scale up our ability to prioritize, manage challenges, navigate uncertainty, and take responsibility for our decisions.

Nowadays, after more than a decade in business, we share our learnings to help our clients take their projects from idea to reality.

I'm on a mission to help executives and entrepreneurs take their projects from idea to reality,
by finding and empowering their own unique skills so that they lead a prosperous balanced life

Ignacio Nabhen

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Executive Coaching

We help you expand your ability to lead and deliver extraordinary results through others.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Quality time together to boost your productivity and take your startup to the next level. We will craft strategies to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


Unravel specific challenges from a fresh outlook so that you can find new courses of action where there were constraints before.

Coaching for Teams

We use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to unlock conflicts and develop your team's capability to effectively coordinate actions.